Aluminum base on 10″x10″ model or mild steel base on 14″x14″ and 18″x18″ models. Stainless steel shroud.

Backlit LCD display with six .5″ digits. Housed in a 6″ aluminum alloy extrusion. Display can be attached to base with supplied aluminum display bracket and secured with magnetic strips. Can also be remotely mounted with 7 ft. of included cable.

Units of measure:
lb, kg, g or oz. Front panel switching between units of measure (Note: only two units active at any one time).

Printer ready:
Connects to WP-23X tape printer or Zebra 2844 Label Printer. Prints human readable labels or bar code labels on 1.2” x .85” or 2.5” x 4” stock. Also supports master/slave protocol selections of ProBench, NCI 3835, and 8213. Two autoprint features transmit weight when items are either placed on, or removed from scale.

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